List of the Best Juicers

These days juicers are getting more and more popular, resulting in a lot of households gearing up with one. Having a juicer lets us make some very healthy and delicious recipes, so I would like to mention some reliable and effective juicers on the market. These examples are mostly from different price ranges, but considering their relative abilities, all of them have a deserved place on this list.
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite:
Let’s start with one of the best. The Australian manufacturer delivers another hit with this model. The die-cast material design and the titanium-reinforced blades make it one of the top mid-range juicers out there. The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and features two different speeds, to make juicing the harder fruits or vegetables easier.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center:
This juicer is known to be the number 1 best seller on Amazon, and this is not a coincidence. It is important to mention, that this machine is not usable only for juicing, but can be considered as a multifunctional food processing machine. It is very durable and strong, but incredibly silent too. If thinking about getting a juicer, this versatile device should be definitely considered.

Bosch MES3500GB:
If you want a particularly high-quality juicer, but on a tighter budget, the Bosch MES3500GB can be a good choice. It has a specialized non-drip function with other remarkable attributes, like its fast speed and easy-to-clean parts. The German company offers a nice machine for a nice price.

Omega Mega Mouth 330:
If looking for a great all-around juicer, with a sturdy construction but easy-to-use configuration, our last juicer, the Omega Mega Mouth 330 meets all the requirements. It has a huge feed chute that even lets you put in a whole apple without losing the time to cut it up. It is quick, dishwasher safe, and comes with a great warranty.

Best Espresso Maker – The Breville Barista Express (BES870XL)

For all-round versatility, features, and value for money, the best espresso maker is the Barista Express. If you are a beginner, this machine has plenty of settings and accessories to help you get good shots. As your learning curve progresses, you can take manual control of some of these parameters to make great professional-quality coffee.
breville BES870XL
To make the best espresso, you need to buy fresh beans and grind them just before using. The Barista Express contains a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder that lets you dial in the perfect grind in pre-set amounts for single and double shots. The 8-ounce hopper is removable for easy cleaning.

I like the convenience of having the grinder and espresso maker integrated. If you already have a good grinder or don’t want it to be built-in, you may want to consider the Breville Infuser, which has almost all the same features as the Barista Express but without the grinder.

Filter Baskets
The Barista Express comes with four different filter baskets – pressurized single shot, pressurized double shot, non-pressurized single, and non-pressurized double. If you’re new to brewing espresso, pressurized baskets allow you to pull good shots even if your grind and tamp are not ideal. Now that I know what I’m doing, I feel that the non-pressurized baskets give me a better final product.

A stainless steel thermocoil boiler heats your water on demand. Because this is a single boiler system, you can’t steam milk at the same time as you brew espresso. I just steam the milk first – brewing is fast enough that the milk doesn’t get cold.

Brew settings
Volumetric controls let you pre-set the amount you want to brew. As you get more experienced, you can choose to override these controls if you want to manually control the brew time.

The pump delivers 15 bars of pressure, and pre-infuses the grinds for the best possible extraction.

Steam and Hot Water
The steam wand is mounted on a ball joint for extra manoeuvrability. Although it’s not the fastest steam wand around, it does allow you great control. There is a dedicated hot water dispenser for making tea and Americano.

Other Accessories
The Barista Express also comes with a frothing pitcher, a tamper that attaches magnetically to the machine, cleaning and maintenance tools, cleaning tablets and water filters. It pretty much gives you everything you need except the beans!

You can easily pay many thousands of dollars for an espresso machine, or buy a cheap one for under $100. For me, the Barista Express strikes the perfect balance by offering high quality with plenty of bells and whistles for the price. At the time of writing, you can get this machine for $519.99 on Amazon, or $599 at Seattle Coffee Gear.

When it comes to great features, solid engineering and versatility, the Breville Barista Express is the best espresso maker for your home whether you’re a beginner or an experienced barista.

2 Quick Tips for Picking The Right Bread Machines


There is no doubt that there are so many brands of bread machines on sale online or offline. You could be a little bemused when you are faced with the decision of selecting the right one. Try to check out the best bread maker reviews. This is more likely to happen if you are a first time user and you have to deal with many brands on the counter shelves.

To help you make quick and good pick, below are 2 quick tips that will come handy when you are looking to choose the best bread machine you can use in the home.

Among other considerations, you really need to determine how many people you want to serve with the bread you produce. This will give you a picture of the kind of machine to go for. You should look for the labels describing how many breads or pounds of loaf that can be baked by the machine. This is very important determinant because you don’t want to spend too much money buying what will only serve a few people. This is nothing but being wasteful. Also, you don’t want to buy a small cheap one that won’t be able to do what you want done.

Consider the timer system of the bread machine and go for one that offers you convenient delay time. This is necessary so you can program your baking to have fresh bread whenever you want. Most bread machines have set delay timer of 13-hours and you may need to consider this option. Many people make a mistake of missing out on this important consideration. Don’t be one of them.

There you go. As simple as these quick tips are, they will come handy if adhered to. Check out the best bread machine reviews to learn even more than what is contained in this article. You will learn where to buy the best brands at the lowest possible cost and have them delivered to your door-steps without any problems.

Proven tips for bread machine users –

How A Small Rice Cooker Has Changed The Way I Used To Do Things

A few months I go I was listening to my friends talk about the benefits of owning a rice cooker. Having not had the chance of owning this little cooking appliance, I was kept thinking if all that was being said about a rice cooker was all true. Three days after I listened to my friends talk, I decided to give this machine a little try. I talked o a number of them about my new plans and all them seem to suggest that I start looking for a small size rice cooker before I could make a choice. True to that, a few days after talking to them, I was out looking for the best rice cooker. However, with the number of choice available in the market, I knew the whole process was not going to be a walk in the park. The worse part, I have never had this kind of cooker before, I didn’t know what to look for. However, it was after my wife and I went through tons and tons of reviews that we finally managed to find the best.

rice cooker

To bring you up to speed on what I have been able to do with the cookers, it is now months since I bought it and believe me, it has changed the way I used to do things in my kitchen. True to what my friends told me, I can now cook quality and tasty rice whenever I need it. The kind of features it comes with has also made my cooking even better. At the end, I cannot really tell you about all the good things I have been able to do with my rice cooker. My advice to people, forget about those traditional cooking methods for a rice cooker is all you need. Go out there today and single out one of the best small rice cookers in the market and you will never regret now and in future about the step you took.

How me and my sister got the best cookware brand for ourselves!

When time came for us to move home to Austin with my husband’s transfer, we started looking for new furniture that would be portable and could be assembled and dismantled easily. His employers had assured that this would be a short transfer and he would be moved back to headquarters within a year or so after he had successfully set up their branch office there. One thing I didn’t want to compromise on though was cookware, since that would remain permanent wherever we moved. My set was getting old anyway, and so I started looking for the best cookware brand in right earnest!


I am that sort of a person who relies more on touch and feel than selecting an item from the virtual world. I looked at some reputed websites and browsed through customer feedbacks on each product. Quite surprisingly, while one website would mention a cookware to be superlative quality, another would have a torrent of negative feedbacks on the same item. That’s when I started looking for the best cookware brand listed across various sites. That made my task a lot easier since most reviews more or less agreed on the best brand available in the market. I knew the number of pieces and accessories that I needed in my cookware set, and once the brand was finalized, all it required was walking over to a store and buying the set.

We were still in New York then, One weekday when my sister had her day off at work, we took the sub to Queens. She knew a shop that stocked a vast array of cookware, and we walked over to the place after having a cup of coffee at a small restaurant. I was amazed by the stock they had, ranging from the latest models to the older and more durable ones. I knew though which one to buy, so we went straight to the counter that had the brand I was looking for. I had more surprise in store since the counter offered accessories free of cost with that brand. Moreover, they offered a major discount in case two sets were bought together! The sets had all essential items that were needed by us including skillets, saucepans, saute pans, pots, woks in two sizes, and many more. The accessories like ladles and spoons were also many.

My sister also knew that this was the best cookware brand available in the market. She decided to buy the other set since she said her stainless steel set had limited pieces, and she was looking anyway for a set with copper cladding all the way to the top of the cooking pots and pans to get more uniform heating when cooking.

By the time we got out, we were absolutely elated at our bargain of buying two sets of the best cookware brand at three-fourths of their listed retail price! We have since moved to Austin. My sister still lives in New York. We talk every evening and share tips on how best individual pieces can be used from our sets to cook better recipes. For instance, the other day we shared a recipe on cooking vegetables and meat together in the wok with various Chinese sauces. It was a smash hit with both families! She also told me the other day about using the skillets a bit differently, and I will be trying that this weekend. One thing goes without saying though! Having bought the best cookware brand, we are assured of our investment this lifetime since we know it’s going to last us a very long time!

You can find out the top recommended best stainless steel cookware in this article.

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What A Mess! Get The Best Kitchen Knives Today!


I would start by advising you let experts help you in everything-especially, when it comes to organizing home parties. If you have ever tried to plan for one, then definitely you will agree with me that one of the most overlooked part is cutlery. In most cases, the preparation is usually focused on food, drinks and other related stuff. If you do not think outside the box you’ll find it pretty difficult to get that food on the table.

Last year, I decided to to celebrate my 27th birthday at my spacious back yard. In order to bring the total costs down I did all the planning by myself. I had also asked my dear aunt Mary and cousin Larry to help me out with the cooking. I made this decision based on the fact that both had previously worked in the hotel and hospitality industry-and so, I believed everything would come out great. However, I was dead wrong! I just wish I had taken time to read these kitchen knives set reviews.

I will not go into the nitty-gritty’s of what really happened, but I remember before the big day we had the tables set and also arranged flowers. The weather was great, too. Aunt Mary and Larry with his team were to get at work at night, so that early morning everything would be in place. When I was asked about the knives to be used I hurriedly produced what to me was my best collection.

It’s here that everything went wrong and there was panic spread across their faces. There is little time left, and there is no good knife. What I had could not be used by their “professional” team, neither could they help in any way. It’s almost 3.00 a.m in the morning and being in the countryside we had little option. If it were not my old neighbor Jane, this could have triggered a chain of really bad events. As we were still debating on what to do, she entered with four trays of knives. I now understand why she had insisted to be on the ‘cooking team”. I had judged her wrongly, but she ended up proving me wrong.