How me and my sister got the best cookware brand for ourselves!

When time came for us to move home to Austin with my husband’s transfer, we started looking for new furniture that would be portable and could be assembled and dismantled easily. His employers had assured that this would be a short transfer and he would be moved back to headquarters within a year or so after he had successfully set up their branch office there. One thing I didn’t want to compromise on though was cookware, since that would remain permanent wherever we moved. My set was getting old anyway, and so I started looking for the best cookware brand in right earnest!


I am that sort of a person who relies more on touch and feel than selecting an item from the virtual world. I looked at some reputed websites and browsed through customer feedbacks on each product. Quite surprisingly, while one website would mention a cookware to be superlative quality, another would have a torrent of negative feedbacks on the same item. That’s when I started looking for the best cookware brand listed across various sites. That made my task a lot easier since most reviews more or less agreed on the best brand available in the market. I knew the number of pieces and accessories that I needed in my cookware set, and once the brand was finalized, all it required was walking over to a store and buying the set.

We were still in New York then, One weekday when my sister had her day off at work, we took the sub to Queens. She knew a shop that stocked a vast array of cookware, and we walked over to the place after having a cup of coffee at a small restaurant. I was amazed by the stock they had, ranging from the latest models to the older and more durable ones. I knew though which one to buy, so we went straight to the counter that had the brand I was looking for. I had more surprise in store since the counter offered accessories free of cost with that brand. Moreover, they offered a major discount in case two sets were bought together! The sets had all essential items that were needed by us including skillets, saucepans, saute pans, pots, woks in two sizes, and many more. The accessories like ladles and spoons were also many.

My sister also knew that this was the best cookware brand available in the market. She decided to buy the other set since she said her stainless steel set had limited pieces, and she was looking anyway for a set with copper cladding all the way to the top of the cooking pots and pans to get more uniform heating when cooking.

By the time we got out, we were absolutely elated at our bargain of buying two sets of the best cookware brand at three-fourths of their listed retail price! We have since moved to Austin. My sister still lives in New York. We talk every evening and share tips on how best individual pieces can be used from our sets to cook better recipes. For instance, the other day we shared a recipe on cooking vegetables and meat together in the wok with various Chinese sauces. It was a smash hit with both families! She also told me the other day about using the skillets a bit differently, and I will be trying that this weekend. One thing goes without saying though! Having bought the best cookware brand, we are assured of our investment this lifetime since we know it’s going to last us a very long time!

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